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About Eve

“Eve Overland is a cross between a Super Mario Brother…and a NINJA!!”
    Clair Jones, MRI Technologist, Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN.

I’m Eve Overland. I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and road warrior. Since 2010, I am best known for being the touring personal trainer for country singer Carrie Underwood. I’ve been featured in publications such as US Weekly and Woman’s Health for Carrie Underwood’s noteworthy physique, in particular her legs. Our commitment to health, fitness and each other has landed the superstar numerous accolades, such as People Magazine's “Most Beautiful People”, and the cover of US Weekly’s Best Body Issue.

We may not all have the ability to sing like a rockstar, but with me, you can train like one.

Train Like One

Eve Overland Working Out

But how the heck did I get here?

A native of Duluth, Minnesota, I have always been in motion. From dance and gymnastics to musical theater, I found my passion for fitness and performance at an early age. From my time as a BIG-10 College Cheerleader for the University of Minnesota, to a career as an actor in professional theater houses and movies, as well as numerous national commercials and print ads, I have always been an artist, and my body has been the tool.

In 2001, I made the move from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to combine my love for fitness and film, and began to work as a stunt performer. From this point on, I was always training. A long time super-fan of the energy and dynamic of group fitness, I took in every format that was trending - one of the reasons that I pride myself on an overwhelming arsenal of exercise creativity. However, it was when I began to train at the infamous Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA, that my introduction to lifting heavy weights and training with professional bodybuilders changed my philosophy, and also my physique. During this time, I competed in several NPC California Figure Competitions, as well as in amateur powerlifting.

In 2004, I joined a friend at a Krav Maga class. I loved the feeling of strength and empowerment that came from this training; so much so, that soon after, I became certified to teach. It was then that I made the transition to fitness as a full-time career. In addition to private clients, I taught numerous Krav Maga fitness classes that included kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, kettlebells, strength and conditioning, as well as instructing the km-X program. Knowing that I could give my clients an amazing workout, and also the invaluable skill of defending themselves, solidified my mission to empower others with not only a strong physique, but with inner strength and confidence, too.

My innovative training style with proven results, my knowledge and passion for all things fitness, and my experience with the Entertainment Industry was the reason I received “the call” in late 2009 that changed my life. I had the opportunity to travel the world, doing what I love, with some of the greatest people that I now call family. The rest is history.

Currently you can find me splitting my time between Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA. In my free time, I love to go camping in an old ambulance, take long hikes with my pit-bull, Bo, continue to baffle the world with my insistence of wearing inappropriate layers of clothing (even in hot yoga), setting myself on fire, and inventing crazy variations of the burpee.

Eve's Dog Bo Eve On Fire Practicing Stunt Work Eve Overland Working Out

Credentials Include:

  • Touring Personal Trainer - Carrie Underwood Tours 2010-2016
  • Certified Krav Maga and KM-X Instructor - Krav Maga Worldwide
  • Certified Natural Personal Trainer - Monkeybar Gymnasium
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor - Int'l Kettlebell and Fitness Federation
  • 100 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor - Sid Yoga
  • Certified Fitness Instructor - Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Certified Stunt Performer - International Stunt School
  • CRP/AED and First Aid - American Red Cross

If you want an amazing trainer whom will push your limits and make you do things you never thought you could- then you should totally call Eve. I mean who doesn't want legs like Carrie Underwood? Just don't curse her name while you are doing burpees and box jumps. Her workouts are intense, but you will accomplish goals and lift heavier than you ever thought you'd be able to. I trained in a group setting with Eve while living in Nashville, TN and later through online programming (after moving to Dallas, TX) and saw great results from both programs. I need my workouts to be effective as I spend most of my day behind a computer working as a Data Analyst.

Mary Labate - Data Analyst, Dallas, TX